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February 10, 2015:
Please join us for a Special Meeting of the Electorate on February 10, 2015. The Town of New Glarus is looking for a new home and needs your help. Residents of the Town will be asked for their support to purchase an existing property located in the Village of New Glarus for our Town Hall. This important meeting will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. Please plan to attend.

April 7, 2015 Election:

The following Town offices will be Elected at the April 7, 2015 Spring Election:

  • Chairman for a term of two years to succeed Keith Seward

    Caucus Nominee: Chris Narveson
  • 1st Supervisor - for a term of two years to succeed Dean Streiff

    Caucus Nominee: Dean Streiff

  • 2nd Supervisor for a term of two years to succeed Chris Narveson

    Caucus Nominee: Susan Crum

Trash Collection and Recycling:

The Town of New Glarus has completed negotiations for our Trash and Recycling services.

Waste Management will be providing the Town of New Glarus residents with a hybrid system of trash and recycling. Residents will be given the option to upgrade to an automated cart system of collection or can opt-out and keep their current manual curbside trash and recycling collection.

The cart system will be available in the Spring of 2015. 




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—Upcoming Meetings—
Plan Commission- Sub Committee Ordinance 110 - 1/27/2015  
Special Meeting of the Electorate - 2/10/2015  


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